Geräte / Inventar

Red Cord Training System
Red Cord Training System
Isokinetik/Cybex Maschine
Isokinetik/Cybex Maschine








Ausserdem in unserer Praxis verfügbar:

  • Elektrotherapie Geräte
  • Ultraschallgeräte
  • Compex
  • Seilzug
  • Langhantel
  • Hometrainer
  • Diverse koordinative und proprioceptive Materialien

Osteopathie @ Kinecoque, check out all the details on our homepage! Furthermore the Covid-19 Guidelines have also been adapted:

  • At the Front Door please disinfect your Hands
  • Wear a Facemask at all times while in our Cabinet
  • Keep your Distance
  • Please be on Time to minimize waiting Time
  • Bring your own Towel for each Treatment
  • If you have Fewer, a Cough or any suspicious Symptoms, do not attend your Treatment. Instead contact one of the "Centre de Soins Avances"